How to Create a Game Room

How to Create a Game Room

A game room is a great addition to any home – especially during this time of sheltering in place. Most people are looking for diversions and entertainment in their own space, and creating a retreat to enjoy your family’s favorite games is the perfect antidote. Whether you are interested in spending game time with your family or enjoying a little solo play, it’s important to do it right. Here are some great tips to make sure your game room has a winning design. 

Pick the Right Room

Ideally, you should have a dedicated space for your game room. You need somewhere with enough room for all your gaming equipment and accessories along with whatever extras you may want to add – such as appliances, for example. Of course, make sure your space is large enough to accommodate your family and – once social distancing has ended – friends. Basements and garages are ideal spaces. However, they may need a “new look” to fit the part of your ultimate game room. 

Renovate & Decorate 

First things first… Clean your space from top to bottom. This is a crucial step if you are renovating a basement or garage. Next, choose your color palette. Decide whether you want a bright and airy space or something more dramatic. You might even consider adding paneling or a wood plank accent wall – a perfect spot for a dart board. If you are passionate about a certain sports team, incorporate the team’s colors and memorabilia throughout the game room. For a more understated space, choose neutral colors and make your room pop with gaming-inspired decor such as posters of your favorite arcade or video games. And, don’t forget about lighting. Choose an inviting mix of different lights to set the perfect ambiance for your room. 

Bring in the Gaming Equipment 

Once your room is set up with the perfect decor, it’s time to bring in the gaming equipment. Make sure you take the time to prepare the proper layout to optimize your space and create good flow. From where you place furniture and equipment, to where the cables for your electronics pass through, everything should be in just the right spot to bring out the best in the room’s setting. 

Design Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative! This is your personalized space where you can enjoy all your favorite games and create new memories with your family. After all, an evening full of ‘fun and games’ is not just meant for kids, and – with your ultimate game room – everyone will be entertained in style. Looking for the perfect game room for? Check out